Digital pride

Cowon system has been running for the last 25 years in a sense of the 'Digital Pride'.
It made us to be well known for the Hi Fi DAP maker with top quality specially on the low sound.
Now, we have become to sense that the true value of technology is not on a device, but the person
who use it. So, we, Cowon System, would like to be changing to focus more on people's lifestyle.
The moment is your life.

Our life is filled with everyday which is gathered by each moment.
We came to see that moment, and came to believe 'the moment' is the essential core of our life.
The moment that we, all, are facing everyday should be pleasant, satisfied, warm, and happy.
So, we work to make every Cowon product being able to sense the importance of the moment by
even if it is very little changes.
Close, easy, and simple for your lifestyle

Unlike others are competing number one in a powerful technology,
We, Cowon System, will be struggling to be more close to people, more easy to use, more simple to be
so that people don't need to study how to get and how to use.
We believe that technology is most powerful when it becomes friend like always being my side.
Cowon products are designed to be more friendly to everyone to use.
  • The way to the multimedia world full of various joys.
    Wherever you are, whenever you are, it gives you whole new world when you turns on the music. It is 'music' itself that you are always dreaming of.
    PLENUE BI Download
  • Air# is all about breath. Air# is born to round the air, round your breath, and round your quality of life. air# BI Download
  • When you need music, IAUDIO is always with you. The most well known for Portable media player! iAUDIO BI Download
  • Another choice to enjoy your music, experience the difference in excellent sound. Cowon will keep our sound pride in the ear phone industry. PLENUE ear BI Download
  • Lifestyle brand with the sense of a product that can satisfy practical use and design
    It allows you to feel designs and ideas with higher artistic quality and practicality that you have never experienced before.
    LIAAIL BI Download
    World Design Award Winner

    COWON SYSTEMS has won the award of the world famous design award.
Global Company COWON SYSTEM
COWON SYSTEMS is exporting products to more than 20 countries around the world.
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