Remarkable Voice Clarity and Audio
High Sensitivity True Wireless Stereo Earbuds
True Wireless Stereo EarbudsI High Sensitivity Embedded AntennaI Dual Mode 6 hours of Continuous Playback
Single Mode up to 70 hours PlaybackI Cutting-Edge REALTEK ChipI Auto Master & Slave
High Quality Stereo SoundI Bluetooth 5.0I High Sensitivity Dual MicrophoneI Volume Adjustment by Button
Hands Free Calls (Dual Voice Receiver)I Auto On/Off & Auto PairingI Magnetic Charging Cradle
Ergonomic Secure FitI Non-Slip Silicone Ear Hook I Luxury Royal Blue ColorI Modern Minimalism Design
Fast ChargingI Ultra Light / Ultra SmallI IPX4 WaterproofI Speech Recognition FunctionI USB-C
Crystal-clear Call Quality and Perfect Sound
The latest high-end Bluetooth chip REALTEK RTL8763BFP and high-sensitivity antenna deliver crystal-clear call quality and a perfect sound experience. Enjoy premium sound even with a fully wireless connection.
High Sensitivity Hi-Fi Stereo Sond
Sound by COWON
COWON CX7 combines the highest-end chipset, built-in high-sensitivity antennas, and COWON's sound tuning technology to deliver incredibly crisp, high-sensitivity Hi-Fi stereo sound with the ultimate in clarity.
6 Hours of Continuous Playback in Dual Mode
70 Hours* of Playback in Single Mode
Our exclusive low power circuit design technology and BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) support provide a long 6 hours of playback time in dual mode and 70 hours when alternating charging and playback in single mode. Even when recharging both earphones, the cradle battery provides enough power to charge the earphones three to four times without the need to plug in a power cable.
* Based on alternating playback and recharging in Single Mode.
Performance may vary depending on actual usage environment.
Wireless Earphones Don't Have Good Call Quality?
CX7 Has Amazingly Clear Call Quality!
Experience the clear voice quality of HD Voice (VoLTE) with the latest RCV (Real Clear Voice) technology that cancels wind and other background noise and supports narrowband and wideband voice connections. Equipped with a high-sensitivity antenna, CX7 delivers clear voice with reduced noise. The stereo voice call and dual microphones enable phone conversation while wearing either the left or right earphone, and an earphone can be placed near the mouth for use as a microphone.
* In Dual mode, the microphone of the earphone removed from the cradle first will be enabled. 
 Removing L and R earphones from the cradle at the same time enables the "R" microphone.
* In Single Mode, each earphone will output sound with both microphones enabled for use.
High Sensitivity Antenna High Performance Dual Microphone Performance RCV Technology HD Voice Noise Reduction Clear Call Quality
Left and Right Earphones Connected Simultaneously
with Auto Master & Slave Technology
The REALTEK chip with Auto Master & Slave technology applied in COWON CX7 provides enhanced user convenience through an individual wireless connection of the left and right earphones where both earphones work independently without affecting each other even when you turn off or turn on one of them in Dual mode. In addition, a more stable connection is achieved through the simultaneous connection of the left and right earphones instead of a main-to-sub type connection.
Bluetooth V5.0
for a Faster, Farther Wireless Connection
Bluetooth 5.0 is twice as fast as the previous iteration and offers four times the range and eight times the data bandwidth.
The double transmission speed reduces transmission time and battery consumption, and quadruple range allows seamless connections up to 40 meters in low-power mode.
Tackle the Challenge of Zero Latency with Perfect Sync Watch videos in complete comfort with seamless Bluetooth connection and perfect sync between left and right earphones as well as near-zero latency between Bluetooth devices and earphones.
Ergonomic Ear Hooks for a Secure Fit The COWON CX7 earphones are small in size and feature an ergonomic design to fit snugly into the ears.
They rest naturally on the protrusions of the ears for better stability regardless of the ear shape. The ear hooks help firmly hug the ears, offering a secure, non-slip fit that is stable even in intensely dynamic activities.
* Two silicone covers are available: Normal and Hook Type
Seamless Automation Just remove or insert the COWON CX7 earphones from or in the cradle and turn them on or off, respectively. When powered on, it conveniently pairs automatically with your audio device.
* Auto-pairing is available once the initial device pairing has been completed.
One Button to Control Them All
One-click Volume Control Feature
All earphone controls are available via a single button.
The convenient multi-function button handles various functions such as power on/off, Bluetooth pairing, music playback, and calls. COWON CX7 also features a volume control that conveniently allows you to adjust the volume by clicking the button on your earphones without taking out your smartphone.
One-Press Smart Speech Recognition
Google / Siri Activation
To use a speech recognition feature such as Google Assistant or Siri, press the earphone button 3 times. Smart speech recognition is just at the tip of your fingertips.
Dual Mode and Single Mode for Listening Freedom With the COWON CX7, you can freely choose between Dual Mode for listening to music or Single Mode for listening to podcasts or audiobooks. You can use your earphones in a safer manner by using just one earphone and to avoid potentially-dangerous situations while driving or walking having external sounds completely blocked out.
* Remove both the left and right earphones from the charging cradle for use in Dual Mode, or only remove one earphone for use in Single mode.
* Putting one earphone in the charging cradle while in Dual mode does not disconnect the other earphone in use.
Charging, and Storage All in One
Magnetic Charging Cradle
When storing the earphones, simply place the earphones near the cradle to magnetically install them in the correct orientation and begin recharging automatically. The magnetic charging cradle uses magnets to prevent the unintentional loss of your earphones.
* Please charge the charging cradle periodically. When the cradle battery is discharged, the earphone units may turn-on instead of being charged, causing the earphone to be discharged.
USB Type-C Port
for Maximum Versatility and Convenience
The COWON CX7 features a Type-C USB port for foolproof connecting and greater convenience while maintaining a small port size. It uses a universal smartphone port to allow charging with modern smartphone charging cables.
Three Sets of Ear Tips for a Perfect Fit The ergonomic design allows a flawless fit to your ears for great comfort, and our exclusively designed premium ear tips in 3 different sizes. With all of these features, COWON CX7 can stay comfortable in your ears even in extended listening sessions.
* At the time of purchase, the L-size eartips are attached to the earphones.
IPX4 Waterproof
Robust Water Resistance from Moisture and Sweat
The COWON CX7 earphones are suitable for not only outdoor activities with snow and rain but sports activities involving sweat and moisture.
Modern Minimal Design
Meets Royal Blue
A sense of richness has been emphasized with a toned-down royal blue color for a sophisticated yet subdued look that naturally matches any style. The charming oblique lines of the stylish exterior combine to create a sensational design. Feather-Light Bluetooth Earphones at Just 5 Grams The COWON CX7 earphones weigh merely 5 grams per unit, light enough to feel as if they are not being worn. The charging cradle is also very light at only 37 grams, which means that the cradle and earphones are highly portable at a combined weight of less than 50 grams. 5g
Charging cradle
Precautions Do not let the silicone covers cover the earphone charging protrusions. Make sure that the earphone hook is properly positioned in the fixing groove of the charging cradle and check if the earphone LED is on.
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