Dual DAC Hi-Fi
Small but Powerful
24bit/192kHz High Definition SoundI Dual DACI High Quality Balanced OutI Native DSD
New Highest Performance CS43131 DAC I SNR 130dB, THD+N 0.0004%, Balanced Out 4.0VrmsI Premium Sound DAC Filter
Music Playback 45 hoursI JetEffect 5 & BBE+I DSD(DFF,DSF,ISO)/FLAC/WAV/AIFF/ALAC/APE/MP3/WMA/OGG
Wide Angle Touch DisplayI Isometric Edge DesignI microSD Card SlotI Matrix Browser
Immense Performance, Unassuming Size
Following in the footsteps of PLENUE D, the critically-acclaimed portable hi-fi audio player, the PLENUE D2 was born of even higher specifications and upgraded performance. It's equipped with dual CIRRUS LOGIC CS43131 DACs and boasts high-quality balanced output and Native DSD playback for an even greater level of music appreciation. The stage is set for the perfect performance of the small-yet-powerful PLENUE D2 to once again capture the hearts and ears of music lovers. The Next-generation Premium DAC
New Highest Performance CS43131
As the premier DAC in the MasterHIFI™ line of Cirrus Logic hi-fi audio products, the CS43131 DAC offers an unparalleled level of performance. CS43131 is a high-performance DAC with a built-in high-resolution headphone amplifier. The next-generation premium DAC merely sips battery power while delivering the best audio output. Dual-DAC Design for
Clear, Noise-Free Sound
The PLENUE D2 is equipped with two top-of-the-line CS43131 DACs to bring you one step closer to analog sound.
The digital input signal is converted by each discrete DAC, providing listeners with perfect sound as close to the original recording with zero noise.
High Quality Balanced Out
Maximum Output of 4.0Vrms
Balanced output effectively blocks noise generated when signals are transmitted by adding 'out of phase' signals to unbalanced output signals. Since it transmits two types of signals simultaneously, the PLENUE D2 strengthens the output signal for clearer and crisper reproduction of original sound.
The PLENUE D2 uses 2.5mm balanced output to reproduce crisp original sounds.
Supports Native DSD for More Natural Sound DSD(Direct Stream Digital) is a high quality Super Audio CD format that processes signals at 2.8224MHz per bit.
The technology carries the maximum sound information possible to reproduce the delicate and crisp sound of analog.
To realize the best possible sound quality, the PLENUE D2 reproduces DSD in Native method and supports DSD128.
True Original Sound
24bit/192kHz High Resolution Sound
24bit/192kHz source recorded in studio provides the best sound, it has no signal loss and has outstanding resolution.
Enjoy a true HD Sound using 'PLENUE D2' that plays artist and engineer's intended sound without missing a single detail.
The Best Sound Performance for HD Sound
SNR 130dB, THD+N 0.0004%, Balanced Output 4.0Vrms
The amazing specifications of the PLENUE D2 include SNR 130dB, THD+N 0.0004%, Stereo Crosstalk -143dB,
and Balanced Output 4.0Vrms which are the result of our decades of audio experience and passion for perfection.
The PLENUE D2 was created through our relentless effort to deliver perfect sound quality to listeners anytime and anywhere.
  • 130dB SNR
    (Signal to Noise Ratio)
    SNR, or signal-to-noise ratio, is a measurement for indicating how much noise is mixed into an audio signal. A high SNR value means a clearer, noise-free original studio sound.

  • 0.0004% THD+N
    (Total Harmonic Distortion+Noise)
    THD+N is an indicator of signal distortion caused by various factors, including harmonics. A small THD+N value means a reduced occurrence of harmonic distortion on an audio device.

  • -143dB Stereo Crosstalk Stereo crosstalk indicates the degree of interference between left and right channels caused by electromagnetic induction. A low stereo crosstalk value means less inter-channel interference for a clear separation of left and right channels.
  • 126dB
  • 0.0004%
  • -124dB
Beyond the Limits of Hearing
Premium Sound DAC Filter
Five digital filters (Fast/Low-latency, Fast/Phase-comp, Slow/Low-latency, Slow/Phase-comp, Non-oversampling) are provided to enable
fine micro-tuning. This empowers listeners to tune sounds previously beyond the limits of hearing even with identical sound sources.
Normalized Amplitude (V) Time (μs)
  • Fast/Low-latency
  • Fast/Phase-comp
  • Slow/Low-latency
  • Slow/Phase-comp
  • Non-oversampling
45 Hours Music Nonstop Playback PLENUE D2 uses a power-saving DAC that minimizes battery consumption and a high-performance battery
that delivers up to 45 hours of MP3 playback or 30 hours of HD audio from a single charge.
High-Output Mode for
High-Impedance Headphone Users
New to the PLENUE D2 is a high-output headphone
mode to properly drive high-impedance headphones.
High-end, high-impedance headphones can be driven
without a separate headphone amplifier for greater
flexibility when used in combination with various receivers.
Another Criterion for Perfect Sound
JetEffect 5 & BBE+
JetEffect 5 and BBE+ combine to correct sound distortions and phase caused by either the physical limitations of a receiver or the listening environment and reproduce sound closest to the original studio recording. In addition, users can create their own optimal sound according to their personal preferences via the use of BBE+ and EQ filters.
5 Band EQ Filter Advanced settings to adjust the frequency and width of each band.
BBE High-definition effects to sharpen sound. (Phase correction)
Mach3Bass Bass booster to enhance super low-end bass.
3D Surround Three-dimensional sound for an enhanced sense of space.
MP Enhance A feature for compensating lost sound segments.
Reverb* A reverb effect for enhanced realism
* Reverb Mode Chamber, Room, Club, Hall, Auditorium, Cathedral,
Stadium, Canyon, Long
  • MP3
  • WMA
  • OGG
  • WAV
  • AIFF
  • FLAC
  • ALAC
  • APE
  • DFF
  • DSF
  • SACD
Outstanding Sound Reproduction Capability
That Supports Multiple High-resolution Formats
PLENUE D2 not only supports MP3, WMA, OGG but also supports DFF, DSF, ISO(SACD) which is a DSD format
and supports lossless formats such as WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, APE to offer the full spectrum of high quality sound formats.
Enough Space for Quality Sound Source
Support up to 192GB memory
PLENUE D2 comes with a 64GB high speed internal memory,
which is large enough to facilitate high quality audio files.
In addition, the storage capacity of the device can be extended up to
192GB by adding 128GB microSD card to its slot at the moment.
  • 140 Levels
    Volume Control
  • 11 Levels
    Playback Speed Control
  • Wide Angle Touch Display
  • Control Button
  • Multi-Favorite
  • Gapless Playback
  • Expanded to 140 Levels
    for Detailed Volume Control
    To enjoy HD Sound delicately, PLENUE D2 provides 140 levels of volume control. By holding the button, level of volume changes quickly. Fine volume adjustment is possible to change 0.5dB per one level, therefore you can enjoy the music at an optimum level.
  • 11-Step Playback Speed Adjustment The PLENUE D2 offers 11 steps of playback speed adjustment, from 50% to 150%. You can select the desired playback speed when you want to listen to your music at a speed slower or faster than the default playback speed of 100%.
  • With Its Full Touch Display and Intuitive GUI, All Functionalities Are at Your Fingertips PLENUE D2 comes with a full touch screen, wide viewing angle display, and an intuitive control GUI to maximize the convenience. Touch & Drag Browsing and Equalizer setting is designed to operate with touching the display only.
  • Physical Buttons for Power, Volume,
    Playback and Search Provide Maximum Comfort
    Designed to deliver the utmost convenience in a portable Hi-Fi player, the PLENUE D2 features physical buttons for power, volume, playback, and search so operation is easy and positive, even when in a pocket. Physical buttons and intuitive touch GUI pffer users more comfortable operation environments in any situations.
  • Playlists to Call Your Own
    and Smarter Searching
    Multi Favorites is a playlist overhaul, useful for creating multiple lists for different tastes using your favorite songs. As your love of music grows, so does the number of files. No worries. PLENUE's advanced smart search feature quickly finds the albums and songs you're looking for with just a single character.
  • Gapless Playback PLENUE D2 supports Gapless functions to minimize the waiting time between the tracks. Gapless removes the gap between the tracks and is applied in all situations without any special settings.

    * Some gap may exist if the music file or album images are large.
Accentuate the Beauty of Music with Delicate Details
Isometric Edge Design
The PLENUE D2's metal head boasts a striking isometric edge design, cut using the 'golden ratio' design concept from an isometric view. Delicate details have been added to the metal head, resulting in a design that is one step above the PLENUE D.
Pushing Design to the Edge
Isometric Edge Design
In terms of design, the top edge of the PLENUE D2 was divided into a perfect ratio from an isometric view for a design of perfect proportions.
Each edge, where two faces meet, has been cut with precise calculation to highlight the PLENUE D2's polyhedral aesthetics.
Sophistication and Luxury Without Compromise
Gold Black & Silver Black
Black is a simple yet stylish color that exudes timeless sophistication. The PLENUE D2's sleek style is
further emphasized with gold or silver metals heads, completing its luxuriousness in perfect harmony.
Technical Rounded Button The power button was thoughtfully placed lower than the main body for easy access and to minimize accidental operation.
Furthermore, the status LED was sensibly placed to instantly indicate behavior and response.
Sensual Graphic Interface GUI design was started with the purpose that it can give users the most intuitive and easiest look.
High-resolution album art, matrix browser, and three sophisticated player skins all combine to provide unparalleled visual satisfaction.
In addition, A variety of GUIs can be created through a UCI environment that allows users to customize their own interface layouts.
Conveying Emotion through Album Art Stimulating patterns and images have been reborn as album art.
Twenty works of art are included as album covers to heighten your music-listening experience.
High Quality Leather Case for PLENUE D2 Stylish deep-gray leather, gently wrapping the PLENUE D2, provides a comfortable grip,
while the delicately-embossed physical buttons sit flush and safely protect the side buttons.

* Leather case sold separately.