PLENUE D3 작은 차이를 더하다. 더 완벽해지다.
Add a small difference
Closer to the perfectness!
High Definition Sound
“Even though it is a minimalist design that fits comfortably in one hand, the powerful sound performance remains. The volume wheel was added to make it easier to operate, and the Bluetooth function added to the convenience of wireless.”

PLENUE D3 is made more perfect. Experience the difference!
your hands
“The PLENUE D3 is small and light, so wherever I am, it becomes my own sound stage.
Daily life with music in PLENUE D3 makes the day more enjoyable. "
wheel it! 볼륨, 이제 휠을 돌려주세요
You can enjoy music conveniently through a Bluetooth connection while maintaining the high sound quality of PLENUE D3.
You can enjoy hi-fi sound anytime, anywhere with the PLENUE D3's detailed sound and complete portability.
"You who are familiar with smartphones, now when you enjoy music,
put your smartphone down and turn on the PLENUE.
The music that you have always heard becomes totally new music."
"Added beauty with delicate details. Isometric Edge Design"

It is completed with Isometric Edge Design in which the metal head is spaced in the golden ratio in Isometric View.