High Definition Sound


Ultra-Precise 3BA Drivers for Transcendent Harmony

Full Metal Premium IN-EAR MONITOR
with 3 Balanced Armature Drivers

Sound by COWON
High Definition SoundI Full Metal Premium IN-EAR MONITORI High Precision Triple Balanced Armature DriversI High Resolution and Perfectly Balanced Sound
3-Way CrossoverI Additional 2.5 mm Balanced Cable includedI Unique Triple Bore Connecting System
High-strength Anodized Metal BodyI 99.99% 4-Wire Silver Plated Custom CableI Detachable MMCX Connecting Cable
Comfortable Fit and Impressive Sound IsolationI Rugged Integral Metal NozzleI Premium Foam TipsI Finest Quality Leather Case

Premium Full Metal In-Ear Monitors

Premium In-Ear Monitors born of full-metal bodies and perfectly-tuned, ultra-precise 3BA(Balanced Armature) drivers.
The high-strength metal bodies completely block out noise for unparalleled clarity, and 3BA drivers cover the entire audible frequency range
for a harmonious union in sound technology.

Anodized High-Strength Metal Bodies and
Integrated Metal Nozzles

The PLENUE X30's unibody housing and nozzle design provides exceptional robustness and sound clarity.
The anodized finish protects the metal surface and prevents corrosion and abrasion for improved durability.

Precision 3 Balanced Armature Drivers

The PLENUE X30 features accurate and balanced ultra-precision balanced armature drivers and has undergone countless stages of fine-tuning.
Each IEM includes three drivers that individually handle the bass, mids, and treble for faithful sound reproduction,
as well as a circuit design tailored for not only rich lows but clear highs.

What is a Balanced Armature?

A Balanced Armature unit used in premium earphones employs a metal-based ultra-thin diaphragm that directly receiver vibrations from the armature and metal drive pin to produce Hi-Fi sounds. This high-end driver unit delivers clear and flat sounds and is ideal for noise isolation and treble reproduction. Even the most subtle sounds are clearly produced thanks to the lack of coil-produced vibrations.

High Resolution and Perfectly Balanced Sound
High, Mid & Low Crossover

A sophisticated crossover separates sound signals into three frequency ranges to faithfully reproduce sound through three balanced armature drivers. The 3-Way crossover deliver a harmonious and perfectly-balanced sound, from the deepest bass to the clearest highs.

Unique Triple Bore Connecting System

The PLENUE X30's unique triple-bore connecting system and full frequency response expertly handles a wide sound band.
To minimize separation and unnatural-sounding crossover ranges where low, mid, and high frequencies overlap, the three bores are connected to the nozzles via a proprietary technique, resulting in a full, harmonious sound throughout the entire audible audio spectrum.

3.5 mm Unbalanced Cable and
2.5 mm Balanced Cable Included

A universal 3.5 mm unbalanced cable is included as standard for use with most audio devices. As a bonus for audiophiles, an additional 2.5 mm balanced cable is provided for use with high-definition digital players equipped with balanced terminals.

99.99% Silver Plated Custom Cable

The PLENUE X30's 99.99% pure silver-plated cables deliver a fast, accurate signal with the lowest conduction resistance to precisely express every detail in high-definition sound. Audio experts use the highest standards of precision when handcrafting the custom cables, which are twisted to minimize electromagnetic interference.

Detachable MMCX Connecter

The cables feature detachable MMCX(Micro-Miniature Coaxial)
connectors to ensure compatibility with other custom cables.
The PLENUE X30's modular design allows convenient cable replacement should one ever break.

Comfortable Fit and Impressive Sound Isolation

With the goal of maximizing comfort, the PLENUE X30's housings were created through a number of sample production and manufacturing
processes. The PLENUE X30's over-ear cables minimize touch noise and fit comfortably over the ears for an optimal fit. Plus, the housings and
ear tips naturally hug the contours of the ears for outstanding insulation and maximum immersion.

Premium Foam Tips

The PLENUE X30's premium foam tips naturally conform to the individual shape of each ear to create the best custom fit. In addition to the premium foam tips, high-performance ear tips of various sizes are provided so that you can find your perfect fit.

Finest Quality Leather Case

The PLENUE X30's good-looking, easy-to-carry leather case provides robust protection and comfortable convenience. The case's waterproof zipper protects the IEMs from impact and the X30 from water damage.


Driver Unit 3 Balanced Armature Driver per Side with High, Mid & Low Crossover
Sensitivity (SPL) 111dB (1kHz)
Frequency Response 15Hz to 23kHz
Impedance 42Ω @ 1kHz
Cable Type 4-Wire Silver Plated Cable with Detachable MMCX Connecter / 3P 3.5mm, 4P 2.5mm Gold Plated Plug
Cable Length 1.2m

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