ο»Ώ overview
The Agile Ultra-High-Quality DAP
Sound by COWON
24bit/192kHz High Definition SoundI New Highest Performance CS43131 DACI SNR 130dB, THD+N 0.0004%, Output 2.0Vrms
Native DSDI Premium Sound DAC FilterI DSD(DFF, DSF, SACD-ISO) / FLAC / WAV / AIFF / ALAC / APE / MP3 / WMA / OGG
Playback Speed Control, Repeat A/BI JetEffect 5 & BBE+I Ultra Slim DesignI Capacitive Touch PadI Swing Touch Interface
Maximal Sound, Minimal Frame The iAUDIO HiFi is slim and light, yet its performance is second to none thanks to its powerful specifications.
Its 130 dB SNR, 0.0004% THD+N, and 2.0 Vrms output are among the best of the best hi-fi players.
The iAUDIO HiFi ensures that music listening is always an amazing experience.
Equipped with a CS43131 DAC
for 24bit/192kHz Hi-Res Audio
As the premier DAC in the MasterHIFI™ line of Cirrus Logic hi-fi audio products, the CS43131 DAC offers an unparalleled level of performance.
CS43131 is a high-performance DAC with a built-in high-resolution headphone amplifier.
The next-generation premium DAC merely sips battery power while delivering the best audio output.
Supports Native DSD
for More Natural Sound
The iAUDIO HiFi reproduces DSD in Native method and supports DSD 128.
Best-in-Class Audio Specs
and Beyond
The iAUDIO HiFi's high-performance specs of 130 dB SNR, 0.0004% THD+N, and 2.0 Vrms output speak for themselves.
This is the result of COWON's longstanding audio know-how and will exceed even the most expensive of DAPs, leaving you with an indelible impression.
Outstanding Sound Reproduction Capability
That Supports Multiple High-Resolution Formats
iAUDIO HiFi not only supports MP3, WMA, OGG but also supports DFF, DSF, SACD-ISO which is a DSD format
and supports lossless formats such as WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, APE to offer the full spectrum of high quality sound formats.
Everything from Development to Manufacturing
The iAUDIO HiFi was created entirely by Korean professionals in Korea, from product planning and design to development
and manufacturing. This is COWON's efforts toward eliminating low quality associated with low-cost materials and unskilled
manufacturing techniques, and the result is evident in the iAUDIO HiFi's high quality.
Sound Emotion Tuning with Digital Filters
Premium Sound DAC Filter
Five digital filters (Fast/Low-latency, Fast/Phase-comp, Slow/Low-latency, Slow/Phase-comp, Non-oversampling)
are provided to enable fine micro-tuning. This empowers listeners to tune sounds
previously beyond the limits of hearing even with identical sound sources.
Normalized Amplitude (V) Time (ΞΌs)
  • Fast/Low-latency
  • Fast/Phase-comp
  • Slow/Low-latency
  • Slow/Phase-comp
  • Non-oversampling
The Difference is COWON Not all DAPs are created equal. Entry-level DAPs of competitors generally do not explicitly disclose audio specifications.
However, the iAUDIO HiFi confidently discloses and stands behind the SNR, THD+N, and stereo cross-talk figures,
which are basic facets of measuring audio performance. This is COWON's technological prowess proven numerically.
* A high SNR value means a clearer, noise-free original studio sound.
* A small THD+N value means a reduced occurrence of harmonic distortion on an audio device.
* A low stereo crosstalk value means less inter-channel interference for a clear separation of left and right channels.
Playback Speed Control and AB Repeat,
Perfect for Language Learning
The iAUDIO HiFi offers 11 steps of playback speed adjustment, from 50% to 150%. AB repeat allows you to loop a specific portion of audio, which is useful in memorizing or language learning.
Another Criterion for Perfect Sound
JetEffect 5 & BBE+
JetEffect 5 and BBE+ combine to correct sound distortions and phase caused by either the physical limitations
of a receiver or the listening environment and reproduce sound closest to the original studio recording.
5 Band EQ Filter Advanced settings to adjust the frequency and width of each band.
BBE High-definition effects to sharpen sound. (Phase correction)
Mach3Bass Bass booster to enhance super low-end bass.
3D Surround Three-dimensional sound for an enhanced sense of space.
MP Enhance A feature for compensating lost sound segments.
Reverb* A reverb effect for enhanced realism
* Reverb Mode Chamber, Room, Club, Hall, Auditorium, Cathedral,
Stadium, Canyon, Long

High-Output Mode for
High-Impedance Headphone Users
New to the iAUDIO HiFi is a high-output headphone mode to properly drive high-impedance headphones. High-end, high-impedance headphones can be driven without a separate headphone amplifier for greater flexibility when used in combination with various receivers.

Expanded to 140 Levels
for Detailed Volume Control
To enjoy HD Sound delicately, iAUDIO HiFi provides 140 levels of volume control. By holding the button, level of volume changes quickly. Fine volume adjustment is possible to change 0.5dB per one level, therefore you can enjoy the music at an optimum level.
Ultra-Slim Design for Ultra-Portability The iAUDIO HiFi is ultra-slim and ultra-light at just 8.9mm and 41g, respectively, fitting snugly in one hand and making it incredibly portable.
iAUDIO HiFi was designed for optimal slimness and has a depressed seam between the front and the back
so as to provide the best possible sense of grip, providing stability when the product is in a user's hand.
Optimal Interface
for One-Handed Control
The iAUDIO HiFi provides an optimal interface that was created with careful consideration of the user environment, allowing for one-handed operation via a capacitive touchpad with fast response and stable performance, swing-touch interface that enables full control with just your thumb while holding the device, and physical button on the left and right sides.
The Color to Entice, Metallic Silver The luxurious and alluring metallic silver perfectly matches the iAUDIO HiFi to complete its sleek appearance.