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Notice PLENUE 1 Firmware V2.30 2018/03/14
Notice COWON, ranked No.1 for 2 consecutive years in the Black Box Category of '2014 Global Customer Satisfaction Competency Index (GCSI)’ 2014/07/14
Notice Auto Capsule AF2 Firmware V2.575 and ISP V3.5 2014/05/20
Notice COWON earphones rank no. 1 for Japanese home appliances magazine performance test – ‘luxury sound’ proven overseas, too 2014/03/19
Notice COWON Black Box selected as No. 1 product on Japanese website, ‘’ 2014/02/12
Notice COWON Black Box ‘AE1’ wins 2014 iF Design Award Main Prize 2014/02/04
Notice COWON’s ‘iAUDIO 10’ Wins iF Design Award 2011/11/23
482 PLENUE R2 Firmware V1.20 2020/04/16
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