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COWON’s ‘iAUDIO 10’ Wins iF Design Award

2011-11-23 16:52:43



-     iAUDIO 10 wins two top-class design awards straight, GD and iF
-     Organic design with a curve and user's convenience receive favorable reviews
-     Continuing to introduce user-friendly products designed by COWON's own philosophy  

COWON’s ‘iAUDIO 10’, released on Sep., has won the 2012 iF Design Award.

iF design awards presented by International Forum Design Hannover in Germany is one of the four top-class design contests from around the globe, including RedDot, IDEA(the International Design Excellence Awards) and Good Design Award.

This year, 4,322 products from 48 countries put on heated competition, And COWON’s ‘iAUDIO 10’ won the top award in the ‘Audio/Video’ category included TVs, cameras and sound systems.

A product with an all-new color-therapy UI and whose design maximizes the beauty of curves, ‘iAUDIO 10’ received excellent reviews that it's  streamlined design created a higher vlaue of the product by enhancing the consumer convenience.

In particular ‘iAUDIO 10’ made a splendid achievement of winning two top-class design awards straight, Good Design Award on Oct and iF Design Award.

COWON’s S9 won the iF Design Award in 2009, followed by four products – including J3 and V5 – wining the 2010 RedDot Design Awards. With this years Awards, COWON’s excellence in design has once again received international recognition.

“The design has been favorably reviewed, satisfying both of beauty and convenience from the viewpoint of users”, said COWON’s vice president, Myeong-Yong Lee. “We will continually introduce new products designed by COWON’s own philosophy."  
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