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COWON, ranked No.1 for 2 consecutive years in the Black Box Category of '2014 Global Customer Satisfaction Competency Index (GCSI)’

2014-07-14 14:00:27



Press Release

[GCSI-Automotive Black Box Category – COWON System Auto-Capsule]

COWON, ranked No.1 for 2 consecutive years in the Black Box Category of '2014 Global Customer Satisfaction Competency Index (GCSI)’

COWON System’s (CEO, Nam Gyu Park, Premium Black Box ‘Auto Capsule’ Series claimed the honor of No.1 ranking for the second consecutive year in the Automotive Black Box category of the ‘2014 Global Customer Satisfaction Competency Index (GCSI)’ survey.

The Global Customer Satisfaction Competency Index (GCSI), which is sponsored by the Global Management Association and managed by JMA Consultants Korea Inc., is conducted on an annual basis in order to evaluate the rate of global customer satisfaction of Korean enterprises.

COWON entered the black box market since 2011, and the company has an extensive experience of outstanding product development capabilities, as well as profound quality management skills established through mass production of various digital devices. Based on such competencies, COWON successively launched the 2-channel ‘Auto Capsule AF2’ (herein ‘AF2’) equipped with the world’s first Super WDR function, as well as the frontal-rear full-HD Smart Black Box ‘Auto Capsule AW2’ (herein ‘AW2’) to hold the limelight in the global market.

The ‘AF2’ is a product that applies the Super WDR function on both front and rear cameras, which captures and corrects video images through high performance sensors and ISP (Image Signal Processing) chip. It is a high performance product that delivers clear images with a uniform contrast range, even in environments where the intensity of light changes rapidly, such as counter-light, fog, or nighttime.
It is also equipped with a 3.5” large screen LCD display, which allows the user to directly view high-resolution video recordings.

The Smart Black Box ‘AW2’ has a Wi-Fi function on both front and rear cameras, which allows the user to establish a wireless connection with smartphones, tablets, or other smart devices through an application to view or share videos, and configure device settings.
Both front and rear cameras deliver Full Ultra High Definition resolution, and the device’s firmware can be easily upgraded through a wireless smartphone connection.

All of COWON’s Premium Black Box products are equipped with a protective feature against high temperature exposure, constant power supply, battery protection mechanism, and various other safety features, as well as voice guide, voice recording, rear camera’s ‘Side-to-Side reversal view’ mode, and other such additional features for user convenience.

COWON is reaping greater-than-expected results in the Japanese market by introducing its entire black box product line in Japan’s largest scale supermarket, ‘Yodobashi’ since 2012, and the company is also supplying large quantities of black boxes to Japan’s National Police Agency. Such results were driven by management of local call centers and repair centers, A/S training for retailers, service manual support, and other such customized customer support services. On another note, COWON is recognized among international consumers based on exhaustive A/S service implemented under partnership agreements with major local distribution companies in major foreign markets, including Russia and the US. Based on such performance, COWON’s black box products have been recently achieving tremendous visible results in the international market through a steady sales increase.

COWON’s CEO, Nam Gyu Park, stated, “I am very happy that we are ranked No.1 for 2 consecutive years in the GCSI, but I also feel a great sense of responsibility” and added, “COWON will make its greatest effort in areas of product performance, quality, safety, customer support system, and all other areas in order to become a world renowned international brand”.

[COWON System]
COWON System Co., Ltd. (CEO, Nam Gyu Park, has been a leader in its market as a digital device company by launching MP3 players, PMP, navigation, black boxes, and wide variety of other devices since the company was founded in 1995. Especially, the company still maintains a strong achievement of over 80% market shares in the PMP category. COWON products are recognized all over the world based on its outstanding performance, global design competence, and detailed customer management system.
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