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Website redesign

2020-10-27 11:39:48



For the last 25 years, We have tried our best to make ourselves and our customers to have ‘Digital Pride’.
The world is changing to ‘Lifestyle Oriented’ on the base of digital industry.
We, Cowon System, are stepping forward with a new slogan ‘The Moment Is Your Life’ to deliver ‘The Pride’ in to your daily life.

Our global website is on the renewal stage to show our changed brand identity.
Please be informed the changes as below.


The menu of ‘Register, Log-in, and product registration’ will be removed.
For the customers convenience, we will open all the contents without any Log-in system.

Please use link below to check the previous Q&A.

serial number list of products will no longer exist.
You can check the serial number for a while with the link below.

From 1st of December 2020, all the data will be reset due to website reorganization.
Please check the links and back up any data you need in advance.

Thank you for your understanding.
Notice Website redesign 2020/10/27
Notice PLENUE R2 Firmware V1.21 2020/05/27
Notice PLENUE J Firmware V1.12 2020/04/20
Notice PLENUE 2 Firmware V2.40 2020/02/10
Notice PLENUE 2 Mark II Firmware V2.40 2020/02/10
Notice PLENUE L Firmware V1.40 2020/02/04
Notice PLENUE M2 Firmware V1.40 2020/01/06
Notice iAUDIO HiFi Firmware V1.01 2019/10/31
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