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1163 PLENUE PLENUE R2 What to do when video and audio are out of sync while using USB DAC? 2019/12/24
1162 PLENUE PLENUE R2 I've set the incorrect language, and now I can't operate the device. 2019/12/24
1161 PLENUE PLENUE R2 Computer cannot recognize the player when connected. 2019/12/24
1160 PLENUE PLENUE R2 Cannot hear the sound from earphones. 2019/12/24
1159 PLENUE PLENUE R2 Cannot connect to Bluetooth. 2019/12/24
1158 PLENUE PLENUE R2 How to set Multi Button? 2019/12/24
1157 PLENUE PLENUE R2 Product makes a heat. 2019/12/24
1156 PLENUE PLENUE R2 Can I set the time to turn off the screen automatically? 2019/12/24
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