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  [Notice] iAUDIO 4 firmware version.


Quite many of iAUDIO4 users ask recently about the difference between domestic and overseas firmware version

There are only two differences to remark, which are lyrics service and NetSync features.
All other details are exactly same on both versions.

Why are above two services not available for overseas users?
Below informations will give you answer for above question.

iAUDIO 4’s lyrics service – Our lyrics service is different than other MP3 Player’s do.
Our system gets matched lyric from main server automatically by song information, which is much improved system than those lyrics service out there. (Typed in by user self.)
Until now, we are serving about 50 thousand songs and 20 thousand of lyrics in Korea. All other countries require more times to construct lyric database and solve out the copyright matter. This was our reason for having lyrics service kept extract from overseas firmware version.
From now on, this service is almost ready to open to overseas users. Currently we are working on for new firmware for overseas. And, this built-up version will be same as Korean one from now on. (New version will be V1.52 and it will contain patches for few bugs.)

No more different firmware version for overseas users!

IAUDIO 4’s NetSync service – NetSync is a service for Korean who like to study overseas language through audio contents but this content is charged and only available in Korea. This study content file is protected by DRM, so it can only play on MP3 Player that support NetSync DRM.

If you read above instructions, then you should get the answer for that question.
Why those services was not available to overseas users.

So, overseas firmware contain exactly same feature without above two features.
This is the reason that kept the firmware version different.

Now, some of unlisted information’s on latest firmware version 1.25.2x

[Fixed Bug]
- Supports FAT32 format. (V1.25)
- WMA 9 support has been extended. (V1.25.2)
- Fixed bug that some of WMA file play incorrectly. (V1.25.2a / 1.25e / 1.25.2j / 1.25.2c)
- Improved stability of low battery off.

Best Regards,

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