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  Introducing the most advanced model iAUDIO 4!!

Product Feature
Stunning look, not just the sound!
Tons of versatility packed into this new compact model. Easy to carry this luxurious aluminum body.
Supports MP3, WMA, ASF, WAV files
Direct MP3 encoding
Records directly into MP3 files from CDP or Walkman thru the cable.
High quality VR
Built-in voice recorder, upgraded sound quality of voice-recording.
Data storage
Plug and Play, all you need is USB cable for storage disk?, no more USB driver pls.
FM radio
Listen to FM tuner and record it by hitting a button, just one touch away. Its that simple.
High Speed Download
Ultra-fast USB 1.1 transfers (up to 6Mbps)
Extra long battery life
Up to 15 hours of continuous skip free playback on a single battery AAA
Powerful upgradable firmware
Supports more functions thru firmware with DSP chip
Wide visual LCD
Displays 4 wide lines of LCD, makes so much easier to see.
124 Colors of LED backlight
No more flat color. Have your own color from 124 choices of LED backlight.
Powerful Sound Effect
Supports 5 bands EQ, BBE, Mach3Bass, MP Enhance, 3D Surround, Pan Enjoy the powerful sound from our JetEffect
Easy to make Folders and navigation
Provides enough room for many folders to categorize and create at your preference.
Dynamical playlist
Makes you to arrange and play all the wish list from all other folders.
Supports many different versions.
More set-up options
Has more set-up options such as fade-in, auto-off etc.
Powerful managing system through software JetShell
Easy to manage iAUDIO 4 through JetShell,which is the powerful managing software.
Changing logos
Makes you to create or download logos for your own unique iAUDIO.
Supports MAC now.
Packed with high quality earphones Cresyn AXE2
Comes with Cresyn AXE2 earphones in a package.
Additional fashionable accessories included
Also comes with new neck strap, high quality carrying case for you.
Portable USB port
Inclued portable USB port
Software JetAudio 4
Includes software JetAudio 4, now with this, you can enjoy perfect sound, any video files from this small little player.

-Size : 75.0mm X 32.0mm X 17.0mm (H x W x D)

-Weight : 33g (without battery)

-Maximum Output : 13mW + 13mW (16ohm earphone)

-Release with 128/256/512 MB memories. (1 GB will released later)

-Color : Metal Silver, Metal Grey, Metal Black

-Price and Release date : will be announced

1. All specs above can be changed without notice for upgrade potential of product or safety.

2. Model name has been changed iAUDIO CW400 from iAUDIO 4. Please remind this.

Product Photo
IAUDIO 4s left, front, right, backside of views.
Comparison size with Cigarette
iAUDIO CW200, iAUDIO 4 metal black, CW300
3color of iAUDIO 4
iAUDIO CW200, iAUDIO 4 metal black, CW300
iAUDIO CW200, iAUDIO 4 metal silver, CW300
iAUDIO 4 with Cresyn AXE 2 earphone, which will provide as bundle.

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