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  iAUDIO4 " Powerful EQ JetEffect "

Hello everyone.

As we believe, the hot issue for our new model iAUDIO 4 was the sound quality from general purpose chip other than MP3 chip.

Since we know exactly how important it is, we are doing our very best to satisfy our customers and ourselves as well for the sound quality.

And we have been looking for the best sound system for iAUDIO 4.

Now, we have something to show you.

We considered SRS and TruBass as the EQ for iAUDIO 4 at the beginning of the development, like we posted on our website earlier. When we were working on that project, we happened to find out theres something else we could possibly think over.

That was BBE sound system.

The world famous company in USA, BBE Sound Inc. ( has perfect technology for us to improve the quality. We can take their technology and try to tune up, mix, for better sound for iAUDIO 4.

Therefore, we made a contract with BBE Sound and started up. Our company is the very first one who takes the sound system from BBE directly in MP3 fields.

All these EQs can be performing at the same time, or you can choose one or more of them so you can enjoy your own style.

Supports 7 different modes, NOR ROC, JAZ, CLA, POP, VOC, and USR. All of EQs except NOR. can be controlled by user. You can adjust 62Hz, 250Hz,1KHz,4KHz,16KHz, of 5 bands up to +/- 14dB.

Makes sound very clear, with 10 adjustable levels.

Elaborates bass booster to accentuate low-end frequency, with 10 adjustable levels.

Recovers and improves the sound from loss of compression, can be on/off.

Makes the real cubic sound, with 10 adjustable levels.

Controls the balance for left and right( -20~20 ).

And last, we have additional great news.

The iAUDIO 4 has maximum output of 13mW, now.
Its no longer 7mW for this new generation.
Now you can enjoy so much more of sound and look of iAUDIO 4 with JetEffect.
Nothing can be more unique or amazing than this little awesome player.

Thank you.

Produced by licence of BBE Sound, Inc.
BBE Sound, Inc. has licence by USP4638258, 5510752 and 5736897
BBE and symbole of BBE is a registered trade-mark of BBE Sound, Inc.

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