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08-07-2011 16:31:13  
  COWON D3 Firmware V x.53 - Gingerbread Upgrade
COWON D3 Firmware V x.53 - Gingerbread Upgrade
Back up any important data before the firmware upgrade.
Any data stored on the device may be deleted during the process.
Please note that COWON SYSTEMS, Inc. is not responsible for any data loss from products entrusted
to us for service.
Please remove the MicroSD card before the firmware upgrade.
Please make sure the AC adapter is connected while upgrading firmware.
Do not turn the player off before the firmware update has been completed.
It may damage the product, and will be void any warranty.
Android Gingerbread version upgrade
Improved touch response
Improved stabilization
Support Plug-in codec
Added to search media files in search Widget
Display result according to Music, Album, Artist, Video, Picture.
Added System control button on the status bar
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RAM, Sleep.
Music Player
Added Sleep timer function.
Added function to use ringtones.
Improved browsing speed of file list.
Improved displaying quality of Album Art.
It is possible to use calendar without register Google account.
Added function to move pages.
Support to save VCF files which are transferred by Bluetooth in the contact list.
Added App
Fixed other bugs
*** Please set date and time to use Apps which need log in via internet as Twitter.
COWON D3 Firmware Upgrade Program Download
EU Version (v2.53)
Firmware Version 2.xx
North American Version (v3.53)
Firmware Version 3.xx
Non-EU Version (v4.53)
Firmware Version 4.xx
* Please check version of firmware on Settings > About D3 > Firmware version.
Extract the upgrade program and run D3_Upgrade_Installer.exe file.
Select deriver which is fit to user OS. (It will be automatically detected.)
Click next to continue.
Follow as below to install driver.
Progress will be as below.
Installing upgrade program is completed.
Click Close button or go to
Start > Program > COWON D3 Plenue Android Upgrade to start upgrade program.
New hardware installation wizard will be started after the driver is installed.
If the upgrade program was installed already, please go to firmware upgrade guide for
the next step.
Please check the upgrade program is installed.
Start the upgrade program.
Press and hold the Power/Hold button to turn off the device.
Connect the USB cable and AC adapter while pressing volume +/- buttons at the same time.
Click Upgrade button when the device is connected.
If the program is not recognizing your device, please reset the device and retry from
Click Yes button to continue upgrade.
It is recommended to back up any important data before the firmware upgrade.
Back up any important data before the firmware upgrade.
All date will be reset to factory default.
Please remove the MicroSD card before upgrade the firmware upgrade.
Do not disconnect the USB cable before the firmware upgrade is completed.
Disconnect the USB cable and AC adapter when the firmware upgrade is done as below.
Then, turn on the device and reconnect the AC adaptor.
Settings > Unmount internal memory > Erase everything to format the device.
Upon finishing firmware upgrade, verify the installed firmware version from
Settings > About D3 > Firmware version.

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