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02-12-2008 11:28:46  
  COWON O2PMP User Program SDK V1.03

COWON O2PMP User Program SDK V1.03

What is User Program SDK?
It is a programming tool which customers can create User Program to run on COWON O2PMP.
Warning / Caution
Need to install COWON O2PMP firmware V1.14 or later in order to use User Program created by SDK.
SDK is supported by Linux only
How to use SDK
Install SDK files in your PC after download them. You will be able to create variety programs by following sample programs in SDK.
Download SDK
SDK Manuals

notice AW2   Auto Capsule AW2 Firmware V1.7.0 COWON 07/04/14
notice COWON Z2   COWON Z2 Firmware Vx.43 COWON 26/03/14
notice AW1   Auto Capsule AW1 Firmware V2.9.0 COWON 06/03/14
notice AW1   Auto Capsule AW1-AW2 PC Manager V1.2.6 COWON 06/03/14
notice AE1   Auto Capsule AE1 PC Manager V1.2.1 COWON 18/10/13
notice iAUDIO 9   iAUDIO 9 Firmware V1.17 COWON 15/07/13
notice iAUDIO 9+   iAUDIO 9+ Firmware V1.05 COWON 15/07/13
notice COWON D20   COWON D20 Firmware V1.03 COWON 17/04/13
notice COWON X7   COWON X7 Firmware V2.13 COWON 11/04/13
notice COWON A5   COWON A5 Firmware V4.04 COWON 09/04/13
notice AC1/AD1   Auto Capsule AC1/AD1 Firmware V1.3.4 / PC Player ... COWON 14/02/13
notice iAUDIO E2   iAUDIO E2 Firmware V1.13 COWON 11/12/12
notice COWON X9   COWON X9 Firmware V2.06 COWON 26/11/12
notice iAUDIO 10   iAUDIO 10 Firmware V1.08 COWON 12/09/12
notice COWON V5   COWON V5 Firmware V1.23 COWON 11/09/12
notice jetAudio   JetAudio COWON 08/05/12
notice COWON C2   COWON C2 Firmware V1.17 COWON 17/04/12
notice COWON J3   COWON J3 Firmware V2.29 COWON 03/04/12
notice iAUDIO **   LDB Manager V2.51 COWON 18/11/11
notice COWON D3   COWON D3 Firmware Vx.55 (upgradable from x.53 ver... COWON 06/09/11
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