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13-12-2007 10:17:23  
COWON Q5W Firmware / Application V1.43

* Fixed the error to stop the main screen occasionally when shutting down the Navigation by using remote control
* Fixed the error to update the progress bar while playing a video bookmark list
* Fixed the error of "CAP LOCK" on English virtual keyboard
* Fixed the error to keep changing the next file if there are only unplayable files
in the music playlist
* Fixed the error to lose sound randomly during FLAC file playback
* Added the option to set to boot with cradle
* Added the "Call virtual keyboard" button on web browser
* Changed to play or pause a audio or video file by the button on the cradle
* Changed to make progress by clicking on the "OK" button of pop-up window when
booting with cradle plugged in
* Changed the location of "y" and "z" on German virtual keyboard
* Changed not to stop radio when running Navigation and radio

COWON Q5W Firmware V1.43
Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)
COWON Q5W Application V1.43
* Installation steps
* Version Information
- Boot loader Version : 1.40 (20071004)
- Firmware Version : 1.43W (20071205)
- Application Version : 1.43 (20071212)

[V1.42 Firmware/Application]

* Fixed to run SIP automatically on WiFi settings window
* Fixed not to turn the LCD on by pressing the "volume key", "wireless remote
control key" with the hold button on
* Fixed to go to the starting point of the section by pressing the "PREV" button during
audio section repeat setup
* Fixed the error to freeze sometimes when go to the next file during movie or audio

[V1.41 Firmware/Application]

* Decrease the LCD light on USB connected Screen
* Support diagonal move of the joy pad
* Fixed the error of blue dot during .MPEG 4 movie playback.
* Fixed the error that does not make any sound out of the speaker occasionally during
movie playback with WLAN on when battery is empty.

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