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08-01-2008 13:02:50  
  COWON A3 mTrans 1.02 for CSD Document Viewer
Before Use
1. Please update the latest firmware provided by
2. You must install the printer according to the onscreen instructions before you can use COWON mTrans properly.
3. An application program that is capable of opening and running the converted format must be installed on the PC before you can use COWON mTrans to make the file conversion (ex: Adobe Reader for PDF conversion).
4. Image Book only supports JPG, BMP (24 bit).
5. CSD is not the conversion mode that recognizes the full screen as an image, but one that memorizes font and outline data of tables so it will enhance the quality in zooming in/out, whereas if the screen has an abnormal amount of text on it, the conversion and loading rates will be seriously deteriorated.
6. A lagged playback or cut-off sound in simultaneous playback of multiple files may occur, depending on the conversion quality of COWON mTrans.
7. COWON mTrans is available in Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista.
8. For more information on CSD, refer to
Unzip COWON mTrans and install it on the PC.
Launch COWON mTrans if you want to convert a file into CSD format.
Click on "Browse" button and select a file that you want to convert.
Set the selection of "Quality". The higher the quality is, the slower the loading speed is.
Press "Convert" to convert the selected file into CSD on the set location.
You can view the converted file in the Document mode of COWON A3.
Click on "Image book" button to convert a CSD document from scanned images.
Click on "Add" button to select images.
Confirm the added image list.
Convert after cutting a wide image in half automatically. Check "Save the right page first" when selecting images to view from the right side.
Click on "Convert" button to convert CSD document in a selected folder.
Converted CSD document can view to click on "View Cartoon" from the pop-up menu in Document mode.

130 iAUDIO U3    iAUDIO U3 Firmware V1.21/ V1.23 iAUDIO 19/07/06
129 COWON A2    Win98 Driver for COWON A2 iAUDIO 30/10/06
128 COWON A2    COWON A2 Firmware v1.89 COWON 22/03/07
127 COWON Q5W    COWON Q5W FW/SW V1.42 iAUDIO 10/12/07
126 COWON Q5W    COWON Q5W FW/SW V1.43 iAUDIO 13/12/07
COWON A3    COWON A3 mTrans 1.02 for CSD Document Viewer iAUDIO 08/01/08
124 COWON A3    COWON A3 Font Maker V1.00 iAUDIO 08/01/08
123 COWON A3    COWON A3 Hard disk format program iAUDIO 08/01/08
122 COWON A3    COWON A3 Kid font (New font added) iAUDIO 08/01/08
121 COWON A3    COWON A3 Firmware V1.15 COWON 08/01/08
120 COWON Q5W    COWON Q5W FW/SW V1.44 iAUDIO 02/01/08
119 COWON Q5W    COWON Q5W FW/SW V1.45 iAUDIO 31/01/08
118 COWON Q5W    COWON Q5W FW/SW V1.46 iAUDIO 18/02/08
117 COWON Q5W    COWON Q5W Firmware / Application V1.47 iAUDIO 07/03/08
116 COWON Q5W    COWON Q5W Firmware V1.47 / Application V1.48 iAUDIO 02/04/08
115 iAUDIO M3    iAUDIO M3 Firmware V1.38 iAUDIO 30/06/05
114 iAUDIO **    Win 98 Driver iAUDIO 06/02/06
113 iAUDIO **    JetShell V4.50 (Integrated version) iAUDIO 12/02/07
112 iAUDIO M5    iAUDIO M5 Firmware V2.11 iAUDIO 14/12/05
111 iAUDIO F1    iAUDIO F1 Firmware V1.21 iAUDIO 03/01/06
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