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25-06-2010 11:32:07  
  COWON V5 Firmware V1.10
COWON V5 Firmware V1.10
Please download firmware only from COWON website.
COWON Media Center- JetAudio can easily convert or rip your files to compatible files.
Fixed the error of playback WMA files.
Fixed the error that certain WMA files were stopped playing.

Fixed the error of SPDIF output.
Fixed the error that unusual sound had occurred when SPDIF-output was connected after
HDMI-Out was connected.

Fixed the error of Multi-Subtitle track.
Fixed the error that certain multi-subtitle tracks were displayed in same line.

Fixed the displaying error of “Music” menu box in Launcher.
Fixed the error that “Music” text had disappeared when “Music” menu icon was touched after
moving the poison of the icon.

COWON V5 Firmware V1.10 Download






Please read notes before install the firmware.
1. Please back up your data.
2. Please make sure the battery is charged enough for upgrade.
3. Please do not press the reset button the device while it is upgrading.
4. Please make sure you are disconnecting device with "safely remove hardware" for safely disconnect
your device and PC.
Download the firmware file in your PC and unzip it.
Connect COWON V5 to PC via USB cable.
Copy and paste the firmware file to the root folder of the device.
Click “safely remove hardware” icon in the tray at the lower right corner of your computer screen to
disconnect the device from the PC.
Connect AC adapter to COWON V5 and turn on the device.
Click “Yes” to upgrade firmware.(Do not turn off or reset the device while it is in processing.)
Please check settings > Device Settings > information to firmware upgrade is done correctly.

You can check firmware version on Settings > Device Settings > Information.

110 COWON D20    COWON D20 Firmware V1.03 COWON 17/04/13
109 iAUDIO 10    iAUDIO 10 Firmware V1.09 COWON 09/05/14
108 iAUDIO E3    iAUDIO E3 Firmware V1.05 COWON 01/09/14
107 COWON A5    COWON A5 Firmware V4.04 COWON 09/04/13
106 iAUDIO 9    iAUDIO 9 Firmware V1.17 COWON 15/07/13
105 iAUDIO 9+    iAUDIO 9+ Firmware V1.05 COWON 15/07/13
104 iAUDIO E3    iAUDIO E3 Firmware V1.04 COWON 28/04/14
103 PLENUE 1    PLENUE 1 Firmware V1.10 COWON 06/08/14
102 COWON X9    COWON X9 Firmware V2.08 COWON 07/05/14
101 AW2    Auto Capsule AW2 Firmware V1.7.0 COWON 07/04/14
100 AW1    Auto Capsule AW1 Firmware V2.9.0 COWON 06/03/14
99 AW1    Auto Capsule AW1-AW2 PC Manager V1.2.6 COWON 06/03/14
98 iAUDIO 10    iAUDIO 10 Firmware V1.08 COWON 12/09/12
97 COWON X9    COWON X9 Firmware V2.06 COWON 26/11/12
96 AW1    Auto Capsule AW1 Firmware V2.8.0 COWON 19/02/14
95 AW1    Auto Capsule AW1-AW2 PC Manager V1.2.5 COWON 19/02/14
94 AW1    Auto Capsule AW1 Firmware V2.7.0 COWON 16/01/14
93 AW1    Auto Capsule AW1-AW2 PC Manager V1.2.4 COWON 28/11/13
92 AW1    Auto Capsule AW1 Firmware V2.6.0 COWON 24/12/13
91 AW1    Auto Capsule AW1 Firmware V2.5.0 COWON 28/11/13
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