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10-12-2007 17:04:24  
  COWON Q5W FW/SW Upgrade Instructions
COWON Q5W Firmware/Application Upgrade Instructions

- Please plug in AC adapter when upgrading firmware.
- Do not plug out AC adapter or turn off during upgrading firmware.
- The version information on the image may be different from
the real version information.

90 AW1    Auto Capsule AW1 PC Manager V1.1.8 COWON 06/08/13
89 AW1    Auto Capsule AW1 Firmware V2.3.0 COWON 15/10/13
88 AW1    Auto Capsule AW1 Firmware V2.0.0 COWON 12/07/13
87 AW1    Auto Capsule AW1 PC Manager V1.1.6 COWON 23/05/13
86 AW1    Auto Capsule AW1 Firmware V1.9.0 COWON 19/06/13
85 AW1    Auto Capsule AW1 Firmware V1.8.0 COWON 03/06/13
84 AW1     Auto Capsule AW1 Firmware V1.7.0 COWON 08/05/13
83 AW1     Auto Capsule AW1 PC Manager V1.1.5 COWON 08/05/13
82 AW1     Auto Capsule AW1 Firmware V1.6.0 COWON 23/04/13
81 AW1    SD Formatter 4.0 for SD/SDHC/SDXC COWON 23/04/13
80 AC1/AD1    Auto Capsule AC1/AD1 Firmware V1.3.2 COWON 09/11/12
79 AC1/AD1    Auto Capsule AC1/AD1 Firmware V1.2.0 COWON 30/08/12
78 COWON V5    COWON V5 Firmware V1.21 COWON 15/12/11
77 COWON V5    COWON V5 Firmware V1.20 COWON 14/07/11
76 iAUDIO **    LDB Manager V2.50 COWON 15/09/11
75 COWON D3    COWON D3 Firmware V x.53 - Gingerbread Upgrade COWON 08/07/11
74 COWON V5    COWON V5 Firmware V1.19 COWON 19/04/11
73 COWON V5    COWON V5 Firmware V1.17 COWON 04/03/11
72 COWON V5    COWON V5 Firmware V1.16 COWON 19/11/10
71 COWON V5    COWON V5 Firmware V1.15 COWON 08/10/10
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