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17-01-2007 14:25:41  
  iAUDIO 5 Firmware V1.48
:: iAUDIO 5 Firmware V1.48

[Improved Features & Fixed Bugs]

- Integrated version of multi-lingual menu languages. (Select a county when player boots up)
- Fixed the error that large capacity files (512MB or high) aren't stored.
- Revised wrong words on multi-lingual menu languages.
- Fixed the error that can not display the playing list correctly and record again when there are many files.
- Fixed the error to freeze or display the time incorrectly after playing certain OGG files.

* If total capacity of memory size is smaller after the firmware upgrade than before, please format your iAudio with windows explorer. The total capacity will then be restored to normal.


English Version


- Firmware update must be performed in 'Recovery Mode' when updating from previous firmware to the latest firmware. The same rule applies to firmware downgrade when rolling back from the current firmware to an older version.

- If not in 'Recovery mode', installation will shut down with the following error message: "Please use 'Recovery mode' to install new firmware!"

- Before installing new firmware, existing firmware must be removed from iAUDIO 5. There are two ways to remove existing firmware from iAUDIO:
1. Control Panel -> Add/Remove programs -> Remove iAUDIO 5 [Cowon digital Audio Player]
2. Start -> Programs-> Cowon System -> Remove

- Please close all other programs during installation

* Do not remove the USB cable right after upgrading firmware.

* When completing upgrading firmware, iAUDIO automatically turns off and on again. Please check that your iAUDIO is recognized as a removable disk before removing the USB cable from the computer. Because it sometimes displays that it is done before completing upgrading firmware under some special condition such as Windows 98.

[Installation steps]

1. Download the latest firmware.

2. Unzip the installation file and run 'Setup.exe.'

3. Click 'Agree' -> 'Next' -> keep following steps in the installShiled wizard.

4. After finishing installation, go to Start -> All Programs -> Cowon -> iAUDIO 5 -> 'Firmware download' to run the firmware upgrade program. The firmware upgrade program searches the device.

5. Remove the battery from your iAUDIO 5.

6. Press PLAY button on your iAUDIO 5, and keep pressing it.

7. Connect iAUDIO 5 to a PC by using a USB cable.

8. Keep pressing PLAY button until windows begin 'New hardware found' wizard.

9. The wizard recognizes iAUDIO 5 in Recovery mode, and brings up the firmware update window on the screen.

10. Click 'Start' to begin installation. Updating firmware also format flash memory, so make sure to back up all your files before installing.

11. After finishing installation, remove iAUDIO 5 from a PC.

12. Go to Menu -> Information on your iAUDIO 5. You can check the upgraded version of firmware.


:: Firmware V1.48 Beta1

- Integrated version of multi-lingual menu languages. (Select a county when player boots up)
- Fixed the error that large capacity files (512MB or high) aren't stored.
- Revised wrong words on multi-lingual menu languages.
- Fixed other bugs.


:: Firmware V1.45

- Fixed the error that the player freezes when too many WMA files are stored in one folder.


:: Firmware V1.41

- Fixed the error that reduces playback time.
- Fixed the error of the same pattern in Suffle mode.
- Fixed the error that excludes some songs in Suffle mode.

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