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31-01-2008 13:46:28  
COWON Q5W Firmware / Application V1.45
* Support multi-language text

- Support multi-language with only text contents
(Some programs display English.)
- Support to display only English text in the Bitmap file
- Support the following languages:

Chinese (Trad)

- For example, you can select English or German in German kernel.
- You are able to set the language menu on the player.
(Utility - Settings - Display - Language)

* Support multi-audio video files
- Added the function to select the audio if there are more than 2 audios in a video file
- Added the option to select "Audio" and select the audio track

* Fixed the next button while playing the last video file with repeat off
- You can play the next file when clicking on the NEXT button.

* Support to set lyrics on or off
- Set lyrics ON/OFF in audio player
- Added the "lyrics" option and select lyrics ON/OFF

* Fixed the error to change EQ level after selecting Voice

* Fixed the error of displaying audio meta-data
-Fixed the error of displaying the VBR information of MP3 files
-Fixed the error of displaying the bitrate information of WAV files

* Fixed the error to freeze to go to the next file during MPC file playback

* Support to connect to shared folder

- When network connection is made, you can add, edit or delete files under PC's shared folders by Q5W window explorer after connecting PC's shared folder to COWON Q5W explorer.
- Support to connect to the shared folder under Network Drive on WinCE control panel
- Please check out the below 'How to connect to shared folder by link network' instruction for more details.
How to connect to shared folder by link network +
* Improved the volume
- Fixed the error to volume up if run the video player after shut down unusually during video playback with 3D ON

* Fixed the error to open a shut-down window twice when disconnect the cradle

* Remove the click sound of keyboard
- Remove the 'Tick' sound when click

* Improved USB HOST speed

* Fixed the error to turn USB HOST off
- Fixed the error to turn USB HOST off when go to "Settings" mode after enter WinCE
to COWON Launcher
COWON Q5W Firmware V.1.45
Chinese (Simplified)
Chinese (Traditional)
COWON Q5W Application V1.45
Installation steps
Version Information
- Boot loader Version : 1.44 (20071217)
- Firmware Version : 1.45W (20080124)
- Application Version : 1.45 (20080128)

[V1.44 Firmware/Application]

* Fixed the error to stop the main screen occasionally when shutting down the
Navigation by using remote control
* Fixed the error to update the progress bar while playing a video bookmark list
* Fixed the error of "CAP LOCK" on English virtual keyboard
* Fixed the error to keep changing the next file if there are only unplayable files
in the music playlist
* Fixed the error to lose sound randomly during FLAC file playback
* Added the option to set to boot with cradle
* Added the "Call virtual keyboard" button on web browser
* Changed to play or pause a audio or video file by the button on the cradle
* Changed to make progress by clicking on the "OK" button of pop-up window when
booting with cradle plugged in
* Changed the location of "y" and "z" on German virtual keyboard
* Changed not to stop radio when running Navigation and radio

[V1.42 Firmware/Application]

* Fixed to run SIP automatically on WiFi settings window * Fixed not to turn the LCD on by pressing the "volume key", "wireless remote control key" with the hold button on * Fixed to go to the starting point of the section by pressing the "PREV" button during audio section repeat setup * Fixed the error to freeze sometimes when go to the next file during movie or audio playback

[V1.41 Firmware/Application]

* Decrease the LCD light on USB connected Screen * Support diagonal move of the joy pad * Fixed the error of blue dot during .MPEG 4 movie playback. * Fixed the error that does not make any sound out of the speaker occasionally during movie playback with WLAN on when battery is empty.

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