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08-01-2008 13:07:30  
  COWON A3 Font Maker V1.00
You can change the font of COWON A3 to create a CWFONT (Font name).FNT file with COWON A3 Font Maker.

[Download COWON A3 Font Maker V1.00]

- It may be displayed abnormally when TTF font files are applied without HINT information and the font size is beyond the maximum of COWON A3

- OS requirements: Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, 2000 (Not available under Windows 98)

47 iAUDIO G3    iAUDIO G3 Firmware V1.58 iAUDIO 17/01/07
46 iAUDIO U2    iAUDIO U2 Firmware V1.68 iAUDIO 17/01/07
45 iAUDIO 5    iAUDIO 5 Firmware V1.48 iAUDIO 17/01/07
44 iAUDIO T2    iAUDIO T2 Firmware V2.21 iAUDIO 14/12/06
43 iAUDIO X5    iAUDIO X5V Firmware V2.10 iAUDIO 22/11/06
42 iAUDIO X5    iAUDIO X5 Firmware V2.10 COWON 12/04/06
41 iAUDIO G2    iAUDIO G2 Firmware V1.21 iAUDIO 03/01/06
40 iAUDIO F1    iAUDIO F1 Firmware V1.21 iAUDIO 03/01/06
39 iAUDIO M5    iAUDIO M5 Firmware V2.11 iAUDIO 14/12/05
38 iAUDIO **    JetShell V4.50 (Integrated version) iAUDIO 12/02/07
37 iAUDIO **    Win 98 Driver iAUDIO 06/02/06
36 iAUDIO M3    iAUDIO M3 Firmware V1.38 iAUDIO 30/06/05
35 COWON Q5W    COWON Q5W Firmware V1.47 / Application V1.48 iAUDIO 02/04/08
34 COWON Q5W    COWON Q5W Firmware / Application V1.47 iAUDIO 07/03/08
33 COWON Q5W    COWON Q5W FW/SW V1.46 iAUDIO 18/02/08
32 COWON Q5W    COWON Q5W FW/SW V1.45 iAUDIO 31/01/08
31 COWON Q5W    COWON Q5W FW/SW V1.44 iAUDIO 02/01/08
30 COWON A3    COWON A3 Firmware V1.15 COWON 08/01/08
29 COWON A3    COWON A3 Kid font (New font added) iAUDIO 08/01/08
28 COWON A3    COWON A3 Hard disk format program iAUDIO 08/01/08
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