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19-07-2006 11:21:19  
  iAUDIO U3 Firmware V1.21/ V1.23
:: iAUDIO U3 Firmware V1.21 / V1.23

Never upgrade to this version if your U3 firmware version is greater than or equal to 1.25.
You can check firmware version in Settings/Information menu.

If you have updated the firmware for your player with version 1.12 beta or lower, you must upgrade the firmware V. 1.21 first. And then, please upgrade the firmware V. 1.23. The firmware version can be confirmed via [information] under [settings] menu.

[Improved Features & Fixed Bugs]

- Stabled of upgrading the firmware
- Fixed the error of displaying the current time in [Alarm] menu
- Ability to control Playback speed (Refer to the below notes)
- Fixed to shift the first section when skipping RW in Section repeat mode
- Improved on input/output efficiency of flash memory
- Added the function that saves the previous folder when rebooting after playing subfolders
- Improved the stability of browser feature in Recording mode
- Fixed the error of the opening song to play while charging the battery
- Fixed the error that can not view files in certain folders
- Fixed to shift the running song when browsing in Dynamic playlist mode
- Fixed the error on playlist when changing the mode from Dynamic playlist to Navigation
- Fixed the error on playlist when playing the browser folder in Dynamic playlist mode
- Fixed the error on playlist after removing files in Dynamic playlist

* Improvement in Playback speed
- Select the level from -2 to +10 (200%)
- Support without restraint: sampling rate 44 kHz
- Applied JetEffect in the range of 1~9, Applied only EQ in a level of 10
- Only MP3 format is supported
- Save the Playback speed settings


- After selecting the region, iAUDIO U3 supports MTP protocol and JANUS DRM.
- You are only able to upgrade firmware in UMS mode.
- It is normal that the player displays "Font Upgrade" for a while and it disappears.
- iAUIDO U3 does not suport text viewer in Music Browser. Please change the mode to File Browser to use text viewer. (Menu -> Settings -> General)
- iAUDIO U3 does not support ID3-tag of OGG file format.


iAUDIO U3 Firmware V1.21

iAUDIO U3 Firmware V1.23

[Installation steps]

1. Download the latest firmware.
2. Unzip the installation file.
3. Connect iAUDIO U3 to a PC by using a USB cable.
4. Run u3_fwup.exe file.

------------------ :: Firmware V1.21 ------------------------

- Stabiled of the Music browser.
- fixed the error that it doesn't restart after changing the browser mode.
- fixed the error that bookmarked file kept deleting without action.
- able to check the recorded time in Windows Explorer.

------------------ :: Firmware V1.13 ------------------------

- Fixed the sound error when Fade In is on.
- Fixed the error when displaying lyrics.
- Fixed the error when playing recorded files in Digital AV mode.
- Fixed the error when displaying Chinese characters.
- Fixed the error when the player freezes when starting up.
- Fixed the color error of the logo.
- Supports 125% of the playback speed.
- Able to apply preset value by "Radio.ini"
- Fixed the error of the morning call.
- Added 2 more options (10 min, 30 min) on Auto Off.

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