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09-09-2003 19:08:14  
  How to upgrade iAUDIO Firmware V3.xx
[ How to upgrade iAUDIO Firmware Ver.3.xx ]

Firmware is a program in the hardware and activates various hardware functions.
By upgrading firmware, the product performance can be greatly enhanced and bugs can be corrected.

1.Requirements of firmware upgrade
Firmware upgrade can only be possible when iAUDIO driver is properly installed to the user?s computer
and also when JetShell can communicate with iAUDIO without any problems.

2. Checking the firmware version
To confirm the firmware version, check the number which appears on the lower right of the LCD window
when you turn on the power. Number such as 0:03:50 indicates that the current firmware version is 3.50.
Firmware version is displayed also on the LCD when iAUDIO is connected to your PC.

3. Preparation before installing firmware
Download the latest firmware file from
Unzip the downloaded file into a temporary folder (for example, C:iAUDIOTemp) where you can find easily, by
using a zipping utility like the Winzip.

4. Make sure the battery is inserted in iAUDIO.

5. Connect the USB cable to iAUDIO. The "PC Connected" message appears on the LCD.

6. If the JetShell is running, shut it down.
Do not disconnect USB cable during upgrading of firmware. If this happens, iAUDIO will not work properly.

7. Run isp.exe in the directory you unzipped. Then press the [Start] button.

8. Wait until the "firmware upgrade success" message appears on the LCD.
Normally it takes approximately 35 to 50 seconds to finish upgrading

Never disconnect the USB cable before the "Firmware Upgrade
Successful" message appears!

[ How can I check Firmware version? ]

When power is turned on the number that appears in the position
where elapsed time is indicated is the version of Firmware.
(To receive customer support, you must check the firmware version.)
* Warning
You must upgrade firmware according to the version of your iAUDIO. For example, if current firmware version is 2.XX then upgrade with 2.XX version of firmware.
Same as following 3.XX and 4.XX versions.

If you upgrade with different version of each other, it cause the fatal damage of your player.

50 COWON A2    COWON A2 Firmware V.1.91- Revised firmware versio... COWON 02/07/07
49 iAUDIO U3    iAUDIO U3 Firmware V1.29 iAUDIO 22/06/07
48 iAUDIO 6    iAUDIO 6 Firmware V1.27 iAUDIO 13/06/07
47 iAUDIO G3    iAUDIO G3 Firmware V1.58 iAUDIO 17/01/07
46 iAUDIO U2    iAUDIO U2 Firmware V1.68 iAUDIO 17/01/07
45 iAUDIO 5    iAUDIO 5 Firmware V1.48 iAUDIO 17/01/07
44 iAUDIO T2    iAUDIO T2 Firmware V2.21 iAUDIO 14/12/06
43 iAUDIO X5    iAUDIO X5V Firmware V2.10 iAUDIO 22/11/06
42 iAUDIO X5    iAUDIO X5 Firmware V2.10 COWON 12/04/06
41 iAUDIO G2    iAUDIO G2 Firmware V1.21 iAUDIO 03/01/06
40 iAUDIO F1    iAUDIO F1 Firmware V1.21 iAUDIO 03/01/06
39 iAUDIO M5    iAUDIO M5 Firmware V2.11 iAUDIO 14/12/05
38 iAUDIO **    JetShell V4.50 (Integrated version) iAUDIO 12/02/07
37 iAUDIO **    Win 98 Driver iAUDIO 06/02/06
36 iAUDIO M3    iAUDIO M3 Firmware V1.38 iAUDIO 30/06/05
35 COWON Q5W    COWON Q5W Firmware V1.47 / Application V1.48 iAUDIO 02/04/08
34 COWON Q5W    COWON Q5W Firmware / Application V1.47 iAUDIO 07/03/08
33 COWON Q5W    COWON Q5W FW/SW V1.46 iAUDIO 18/02/08
32 COWON Q5W    COWON Q5W FW/SW V1.45 iAUDIO 31/01/08
31 COWON Q5W    COWON Q5W FW/SW V1.44 iAUDIO 02/01/08
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