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09-02-2009 20:41:39  
  COWON A3 Firmware V1.33
COWON A3 Firmware V1.33
Please make sure the battery is charged enough for upgrade.
Please do not turn off the device while it is upgrading.
Please back up your data.
Please make sure you are disconnecting device with "safely remove hardware" for safely disconnect your
device and PC.
Please download firmware only on our website.
You are able to check files are saved correctly and through "check disk" you are be able to improve
device's stability. ( Start > Run > chkdsk /f drive: )
COWON Media Center - JetAudio can easily convert or rip your files to compatible files on COWON A3.
(AVI, MP4, Musepack, WavPack, TTA, APE, FLAC and so on)
Movie player
- Improved video playback stability of HD Xvid files.
(Fixed the error that movie files are not playing properly in TV-out mode, if wide resolution of files is
1440 pixels.)
- Fixed the error that some WMV movie files are playing without sound in Firmware Version 1.31.
- Fixed the error that above part of subtitle was not disappeared when subtitle is set as extended
horizontally and more than 5 rows.
Image viewer
- Fixed the error that movie was playing only sound when start movie right from picture preview without
exit to main menu.
- Moved “delete” to the bottom in the pop-up menu.
Please read the notes before installing the firmware.
1. The current firmware version of your COWON A3 is different from the application version.
2. Device does not power up after formatting.
3. Device halts due to deletion of the system folder or other unknown bugs.
4. After Disk Cleanup due to the HDD error.
5. Known bugs are fixed with the new firmware.
6. New features are enhanced with the new firmware.
Please read the notes before installing the firmware..
1. Unzip the latest firmware provided by and save it in any folder.
2. Please use the USB port on the back side of your computer when upgrading firmware.
3. The battery must be enough or fully charged.
After unzip the firmware file, select all files in the firmware folder and right click to copy.
Connect COWON A3 to a PC via USB cable.
When connection is made, paste the firmware files to the root folder in COWON A3.
Click "Safely remove hardware" icon in the tray at the lower right corner of your computer screen to
disconnect COWON A3 from a PC
Make sure that COWON A3 is turned off. Press the power button.
COWON A3 will automatically start firmware upgrade.
You can check the upgraded version of firmware in System Information under Settings menu.
Please check the version of firmware is right, and restart the device then firmware upgrade is done.

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38 COWON Z2    COWON Z2 Firmware Vx.43 COWON 26/03/14
notice COWON Q5W   COWON Q5W Firmware V1.51 / Application V1.50 COWON 11/09/08
notice iAUDIO U5   iAUDIO U5 Firmware V3.17 COWON 14/11/08
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notice COWON O2PMP   COWON O2PMP User Program SDK V1.03 COWON 02/12/08
notice COWON D2   COWON D2 DAB Firmware V4.59 COWON 20/01/09
notice COWON D2   COWON D2 Firmware V2.59 COWON 20/01/09
notice COWON A3   COWON A3 Firmware V1.33 COWON 09/02/09
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