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15-09-2011 11:40:26  
  LDB Manager V2.50
LDB Manager V2.50
for (iAUDIO 4/M3/U2/G3/5/X5/F1/G2/M5/U3/6/F2/7/U5/9 and COWON A2/A3/D2/O2/S9/V5/J3/X7/D3/C2 )

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- Support COWON C2

[LDB Manager V2.50 Download]


:: How to use LDB Manager

- Marking on file that you like from iAUDIO files through LDB Manager program.
- Set as on from the menu (Display -> Lyrics)
- Lyric will appear when the marking file played.
- With MODE button you can come cross the windows from file info to lyric display.
  (Press MODE button for a moment)
- You can simply turn off the lyric feature from the menu. (Display->Lyrics->OFF)

:: How to use edit or create your own lyric

- Select file that you like to edit then press 'Edit' button.
- You can enter lyric through 'new' button or use 'open' button for edit existing lyric.
- If you like to edit exist lyric then double click the part that you want to edit.
- Once that editing is completed, play the music through '>' button or 'X' button from keyboard.
- Matching with lyric and music through 'Set Sync' button while music is playing.
- If all the process is completed than click 'Marking' button to write this lyric to current file.
- You can exit through 'Exit' button.
- You can get more information about the keyboard through 'Option' button and you can edit it as well.

46 AW2    Auto Capsule AW2 Firmware V1.7.0 COWON 07/04/14
45 COWON X9    COWON X9 Firmware V2.08 COWON 07/05/14
44 PLENUE 1    PLENUE 1 Firmware V1.10 COWON 06/08/14
43 iAUDIO E3    iAUDIO E3 Firmware V1.04 COWON 28/04/14
42 iAUDIO 9+    iAUDIO 9+ Firmware V1.05 COWON 15/07/13
41 iAUDIO 9    iAUDIO 9 Firmware V1.17 COWON 15/07/13
40 COWON A5    COWON A5 Firmware V4.04 COWON 09/04/13
39 iAUDIO E3    iAUDIO E3 Firmware V1.05 COWON 01/09/14
38 iAUDIO 10    iAUDIO 10 Firmware V1.09 COWON 09/05/14
notice COWON Q5W   COWON Q5W Firmware V1.51 / Application V1.50 COWON 11/09/08
notice iAUDIO U5   iAUDIO U5 Firmware V3.17 COWON 14/11/08
notice iAUDIO U5   iAUDIO U5 Firmware V1.17 COWON 14/11/08
notice COWON O2PMP   COWON O2PMP User Program SDK V1.03 COWON 02/12/08
notice COWON D2   COWON D2 DAB Firmware V4.59 COWON 20/01/09
notice COWON D2   COWON D2 Firmware V2.59 COWON 20/01/09
notice COWON A3   COWON A3 Firmware V1.33 COWON 09/02/09
notice COWON S9   COWON S9 UCI Developer's Guide V3 COWON 19/05/09
notice iAUDIO 7   iAUDIO 7 firmware V1.18 COWON 29/05/09
notice COWON UM1   COWON UM1 Utilities COWON 12/10/09
notice COWON O2PMP   COWON O2PMP Firmware V1.43 COWON 06/01/10
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