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11-11-2005 16:41:04  
  iAUDIO 4 Firmware V1.63
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iAUDIO 4 Firmware V1.63

[Improved Features]

- Fixed the error of displaying wrong version information of firmware.
- Fixed the errors that doesn't go through when page sliding.
- Battery gage calibration.

# Boomark Instructions:
- To Add a Bookmark: Hold ‘REC’ button for 2-3 seconds while a song is playing or
select “(Add Current)” from Bookmark Navigator at the time you want to Bookmark.
(Bookmarks can be saved for up to 20 tracks)
- To Play a Bookmark: Choose the Bookmark that you would like to play from the Bookmark Navigator and select “Play Now”
- To Delete a Bookmark: Choose the Bookmark that you would like to delete from Bookmark Navigator and select “Remove”. To delete all Bookmarks select “Remove All”
- To use Bookmark Navigator: Press the “MENU” button, then press “MODE” button to enter “Navigator Mode”. Select “Bookmarks” from Music Files / Dynamic PlayList / Bookmark

# Song Order:
* Song Order settings will be applied after rebooting
* Song Orders File Name uses Long File Name rather than current DOS File Name, hence the order will be more accurate than before but boot time can be a little slower


American Users - Download
European Users - Download

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