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iAUDIO 9 Firmware V1.18

2014-09-15 16:28:39



iAUDIO 9 Firmware V1.18
The battery must be fully charged before upgrading firmware.
Do not press the reset button during upgrading.
Backup any important files to your computer before upgrade.
You must upgrade the supplied firmware from COWON SYSTEMS.
No device's stopping when it is about to play not supported FLAC files
Added function of database renewal (settings/systems/database)
iAUDIO 9 Firmware V1.18 Download

Please read notes before install the firmware.
1. Unzip the latest firmware provided by COWON.COM and save it in any folder in your PC.
2. Please connect your iAUDIO 9 directly to the USB port on your PC with the cable that provided
3. The battery must be fully charged.
Download the firmware to your PC and unzip it. You will get iAUDIO9_FW.bin, iAUDIO9_RS.bin and iAUDIO9_FT.bin files.
Connect iAUDIO 9 to the PC by USB cable and wait until your computer recognizes iAUDIO 9 as a removable disk.
After iAUDIO 9 is recognized as a removable disk, paste iAUDIO9_FW.bin, iAUDIO9_RS.bin and iAUDIO9_FT.bin files. to the root folder (top folder in iAUDIO 9) in iAUDIO 9.
After copy is finished, disconnect iAUDIO 9 from the PC and turn on the unit. iAUDIO 9 will automatically start firmware upgrade with firmware upgrade progress bar. The device will be turned off automatically after upgrade is completed.
Turn on iAUDIO 9. Make sure the firmware version on the first screen is same as the installed firmware to confirm that upgrade is completed.
V 1.18
You will be able to check version of firmware on settings > system > information.
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